Thermal vacuum chambers with low leakage rate up to UHV-systems, for environmental simulation for testing aerospace components up to size of satellites or chambers for EO sterilisation, including:


Thermal and or cryogenic systems as well as gas systems for simulation and sterilization.



Mechanical transportation and handling systems in and out of vacuum chambers.

Fully automatic process control for this vacuum systems with PLC, data bus for communication with other PLC´s as well as visualisation.


General aspects of SGI-Thermal vacuum chambers

Thermal vacuum chambers are used in industrial thermal vacuum processes or for use in space research centres for scietific experiments. In space simulation chambers materials and components are tested and proofed.

In order fo fulfil all these requirements the SGI thermal vacuum chamber comprises one complete functional system with thermal shrouds, high vacuum pumping set, instrumentation and electrical control, preassembled and workshop test.


Based on the experience of many thermal vacuum chambers SGI can deliver systems with

  • oil free pump-sets
  • closed loop thermal circuits with inert liquid
  • closed loop GN2 circuits
  • open loop LN2 cooling


The thermal system is designed to cool and to heat the shrouds resp. to dissipate the heat of the test specimen as well as possible energy from infrared sun simulation. SGI designs customer sized LN2 or GN2 thermal systems for this application.


Special features of SGI- Thermal vacuum chambers

  • High vacuum chambers:

Horizontal and vertical arrangement
Acc. customer requirements
Degassing rate of polished surface: 6 x 10 -2 mbar l/s


  • Thermal shrouds and circuits:

For heating/cooling several processes are available
LN2 cooling with system open to atmosphere
GN 2 cooling/heating system using a closed circuit
Inert media cooling/heating system in a closed circuit


Data for cooling/heating with GN2 or LN2

  • Dissipated energy: GN2 mode: Up to 10 kW, LN2 mode: Up to 20 kW


  • Encountered energy: LN2 mode: Max. 1000 W/m2


  • Encountered energy: LN2 mode: 90 K


  • Temperature range:GN2 mode: 100 K-400 K


  • Constancy across shrouds: GN2 mode: ± 5 K stationary state, LN2 mode: ± 3 K stationary state


  • Heating/cooling rate: 1 K/min


  • High-vacuum pump-set: Oil-free pre-pumps and turbo- or cryo pumps, Ultimate vacuum inside the chamber: 1 x 10-7, Pump down time in the range of 10 hrs assumed, the chamber was filled with nitrogen


  • Operating condition: Fully automatic test run PLC controlled


Description of SGI- Thermal vacuum chambers

The vacuum chamber is made completely of stainless steel. The surface parts of the chamber which are exposed to vacuum will be in a clean, metallic polished condition with a surface emission of 0,1.

The radiation shrouds can be made of stainless steel or copper.

The inside surface of the shrouds will be painted with two layers black colour to get a thermal emission > O,90.

The outside surface of the shrouds will be polished to get a thermal emittance of = 0,1.

The design of the shrouds will include proper supports, which prevent the risk of causing leaks and thermal conductivity to chamber wall.

The design of SGI-Prozesstechnik allows easy removal of the shroud.


After manufacturing all parts will be checked with a He-leak detector.

The SGI thermal circuits can work within a wide temperature range based on the use of different types of cooling/heating liquids or the use of liquid nitrogen.


Technical Data:

  • Vacuum chamber Vertical or horizontal design

from 1 m to approx.
max. 5 m
Cylindr. length
from 1 m to approx.
max. 10 m


Finish vacuum test chamber
Outside: standard stainless steel surface
Inside: electro- polished Integral
leak rate 1 x 10-5 mbar x l x sec-1

  • Shrouds


stainless steel or copper plates


Outside: polished or
nickel plated
Inside: Black painted
with vacuum paint


Support material
stainless steel and glass fibre


piping with flexible stainless steel
tubes and couplings
outside of chamber

  • Vacuum pumps:

multi-stage rotary vane pump, oil-free
Roots pump set, oil-free
Turbomolecular pump
Cryogenic baffle, LN2-cooled copper plate mainly to pump H2O vapour
Effective pumping speed acc. application

  • Control system

The complete electrical and instrumentation equipment for the high vacuum pump system and the thermal system.

  • Thermal heating/cooling system


Operating temperature range:
Acc. application from 77 K / 400 K


Temperature deviation
± 2 °C for heat carrier liquid


Heat carrier liquid:
Inert liquid

  • Scope of supply

Vacuum chamber
Shroud system
Vacuum pump-set
Thermal system
Instrumentation and control system
Piping and fittings
Process design
Erection and start-up on site


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