Planning & Design, Vacuum and process, Engineering

Vacuum and Process Engineering
The most important process data comes either directly from SGI if it is a process developed by SGI or from the customer.

The amount of work to be carried out by the SGI process engineering varies depending on which type of situation mentioned above is given:

  • Preparation of the piping and instrument diagram
  • Vacuum pump-set calculation with definition of suction capacity, stage sizing pump stage revolution, energy
  • Thermodynamic scoring if necessary, determination of losses, heat transfer calculation for vessel heating
  • Preparation of data sheets and layout drawings for the vacuum chamber, vacuum pump-set, heat exchanger and vessel that contain all necessary information, demensions and the position of the connection pieces in order to carry out the implementation drawings.
  • Preperation of the process description
  • Preperation of the process data list
  • Preperation of the instrument list
  • Preperation of the pipeline list
  • Preperation of the valve list
  • Demand on the supply of electric power, cooling water and compressed air as well as other demands on supplies necessary for running the facility.
  • Preperation of the functional description
  • Safety analysis
  • Hazop analysis of operational malfunctioning, consequences and possible eliminations of the malfunctions
  • Preperation of the general layout plan and the arrangement drawings that show the position of all facility parts and pipelines and reflect the size and construction type of the necessary supports
  • Preperation of isometric drawings for pipelines
  • Cable lists
  • Motor lists
  • Instrument hook-ups